Yacht Purchasing

Buying a yacht is a huge responsibility as well as a complex process for any first-timer. After all, one has to reflect over multiple criteria at once. For some individuals making decisions is a matter of a few days while others need months to finalize their choices. Purchasing does not depend merely on finances alone. One has to also take into account the quality and condition of a watercraft, production or repair timeframes, and additional unforeseen dynamics that might arise.

New Versus Used Vessels

Private yachts are classified as follows:

  • Customized
  • Production
  • Semi-customized
  • Used

When making a decision, buyers must take into account a vessel’s price as well as maintenance requirements. New customized watercrafts are quite expensive. Even so, they are customer-specific and state-of-the-art.

Aftermarket Pros and Cons

Online purchases of aftermarket yachts cut purchasing costs significantly. However, a drawback of aftermarket purchasing is oxidation of the vessel. Over time, yachts are exposed to water which can lead to metal oxidation, or rusting. Additionally, mold may develop. Accordingly, one should always inspect a vessel for visual defects because conditions resulting from rust and mold will shorten the life of a water vessel. Even so, many owners frequently oversee their vehicle’s health and maintenance. A conscientious owner can provide personalized steering and maintenance advice.

Motorized Travel versus Sailing

Yacht sailing has become synonymous with romance. However, the popularity of that imagery has slipped slightly over the years. Despite a yacht’s navigational manageability, the fact remains it is difficult to steer such a watercraft without specific skills and knowledge beforehand. For that reason, an engine driven yacht is more navigational friendly and quicker on open water. One drawback is that maintenance and operation expenses are higher.

Intended Use

Yachts are divided into 4 categories, which depends on water area of operation:

  • Oceans
  • Seas
  • Nearshore waters
  • Inland waters

Being an experienced yacht-seller, we recommend novice sailors first decide what areas they plan to navigate. The type of journey one takes, whether they are short trips, long cruises, or oversea voyages, matter. Some want to buy a newly built yacht so they can live onboard. Those who make such a decision should take the vessel’s dimensions, capacity, and convenience into consideration.

Micro class yachts, no more than 6 meters in length, are excellent for short duration group trips. These smaller vessels are convenient because of their transportability. A forty-foot meter yacht is more suitable for larger companies.

Yacht Purchasing and Profitability

A good yacht costs a pretty penny. Even so, buying an expensive yacht can provide the following benefits:

  1. Good investment. Saving-keeping on accounts or at home is for the most part unprofitable. On the contrary, wise investment provides a hedge against inflation. The lifetime value of watercraft tends to be longer than automotive vehicles. Accordingly, yacht investments can provide a lot of joy.
  2. Vacation opportunities. In addition, owning a yacht brings more recreational opportunities. Simply put, one is free to go to sea at any time.
  3. Healthy lifestyle. By playing the seas, yacht owners spend more time in the open air, which strengthens health and keeps one fit. Furthermore, owning a water vessel is a big responsibility. Yachts require constant maintenance. An owner cannot expect just to sit back and relax at all times.
  4. Membership in clubs for cruise enthusiasts. There are individuals who cannot imagine life without the sea. Every new yacht owner becomes a member of this welcoming community. Yachters have divergent personalities with unique outlooks on life.
  5. A personal, strong anti-depressant. When sailing the seas, one’s problems are left on-shore or washed away. With owning a yacht one can have this freedom with them every day.

We will gladly assist in choosing your vessel. After all, our website motto says anybody can buy a yacht!