Аренда (чартер) яхт по всему миру

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A growing number of people have recently been able to afford grandiose holidays. In addition to typical resort experiences, many vacationers prefer seaside cruises on comfortable yachts.

The wealthier among them have purchased their own yachts and can decide when and where to sail on their luxurious vessels. Others settle for renting a yacht rather than making a large purchase. Even so, this option is not the worst case scenario since they can afford luxurious convenience. They can still have a great time at a moderate charge.


Before examining the charter cost of a yacht, one should first examine what a yacht charter covers.


Consider seriatim:

  1. Actual yacht charter prices, whether set during initial negotiations or displayed on our websites, can be found in our catalog. Pricing includes

– Yacht charter

– Charter assistance

– Provision for the crew

– Vessel and crew insurance

– Moorage in state marina if any on the route.

Pricing usually depends on the vessel’s size, its leisure facilities, season and age. The older and smaller a watercraft is then the lower the rent will be.  The same relates to chartering a vessel during offseason as well as early booking. There is a standard weekly yacht charter price for weekly cruises. To determine a shorter rent period, simply divide the price by six and multiply it by the number of full rental day periods desired. For periods longer than one week, divide the cost by seven and multiply it by the number of full days. Accordingly, a full-day rent price differs in both cases. Why the ‘injustice’? The price difference is directly proportional to the amount of labor involved in preparing a vessel. Crewmembers make the same preparations for both small trip and long voyage. Additionally, the rent price also includes downtime between charters.

  1. Related expenses include costs for

– Fuel

– Provision for passengers

– Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for guests

– Fuel for cutters and water equipment

– Canal toll

– Private dockage

– Laundry

– Passengers’ personal expenses

These costs are calculated at the trip end. You can easily add an additional thirty percent to the original cost.

  1. VAT.

Most European Union member states have legislated a freight VAT. The VAT expense depends on a state of the voyage and the flag the vessel sets sail under. On average, the VAT expense adds an additional ten to twenty percent to the freight amount.

  1. CREW TIP.

Your perfect recreational experience is influenced by the crew. They maintain and navigate the vessel as well as provide full service to passengers. During a cruise, the crew is on round-the-clock service. That is why gratuities are a common, expected practice. Standard tipping varies greatly. In Europe, gratuities range from five to ten percent of the rental price. Tips are higher in the United States and in the Caribbean. One is expected to add ten to twenty percent above standard services.


One is free to choose one’s vessel as well as the route. If one decides to leave the yacht in any place other than the embarkation port, then expect to pay an expense for returning to homeport. These expenses include fuel costs for home passage and the rental price for the travel period regardless of whether one returns to a homeport or another destination choice.


Most likely, you will not have to pay a deposit. Deposits are reserved for emergency and contract finalizations. It is advisable to keep in mind that new yacht owners can expect obligatory deposits for inevitable damage. The cost can reach up to 10,000-20,000 Euro for large yachts measuring up to 60 meters long. These are base charter expenses.

Budget option

If you cannot afford higher expenses, then a small vessel, 15-20 meters in length, is a suitable choice. Smaller yacht rental costs are relatively low. Generally, they range from 1,500 to 5,000 Euro per week. Since smaller yachts have a nucleus crew – between one or two members – expenses are also smaller ranging from between 150-200 euros a day. Additionally, food expenses range between 200-300 Euro per person.  Extra expenses add an additional 50-100 Euro per passenger as well.

Luxury costs big money

However, if you do not want to cut corners on your vacation, you can rent a longer yacht. In this case, the week charter price ranges from 16,000 Euro for a 20-meter yacht during low season to 600,000 Euro for a 60-meter yacht during high season. Additionally, expect extra expenses to be added. Their percentage is stated above.

Now that we know all the pricing options it’s time to charter a yacht!

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